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I am currently working on a Flutter-based cross-platform note-taking and (personal) knowledge management application. Note-taking and knowledge management is a crowded space. My contribution, however, to the plethora of approaches and applications in this space is based on topic maps and Contextualise, respectively.

My latest blog post is Three.js Development in 2023.

I contribute to and maintain Contextualise, TopicDB and a couple of other open source projects. I also have several published Python packages on PyPI. Expect many of my projects to be related to knowledge graph-based applications combined with procedural generation together with 2D and 3D visualization systems.

Technologies I enjoy working with, include:

  • Flutter building mobile, web, and desktop applications from a single codebase
  • Topic maps describing knowledge structures and associating them with information resources
  • Python programming language
  • Flask web framework
  • FastAPI web framework for building APIs
  • Blender 3D creation suite
  • Three.js JavaScript 3D library

All of the art work on this site is my own unless stated otherwise.

Find out about new posts by subscribing to the Atom feed or follow me over at Mastodon. You can also get in touch with me by email: info at contextualise dot dev.

I will see you again, in the place where no shadows fall. — Ambassador Delenn, Babylon 5