For the past year or so, I have been working on the development of content-related concepts, processes and tools with the express purpose of building highly engaging and unique web-based content experiences.

In this context, the capabilities that three.js —together with its ecosystem— and tools like Blender provide are nothing short of amazing and range from “traditional” 3D experiences in your web browser to completely immersive virtual reality experiences on dedicated VR headsets.

Blender 2.92

In addition, the ability to integrate a physics engine and AI frameworks with the 3D engine expands the possibilities tremendously allowing you to add an element of fun and bring the experience to life.

What’s more, the use of semantic technologies to precisely describe narrative events with accompanying three.js-based 3D environments, participants, points of interest and causal or spatial relationship between the events allows for compelling interactive storytelling.

The purpose of trying to combine all of the above-mentioned elements into a cohesive whole is to provide truly captivating interactive experiences. I’m not there yet… but, definitely working hard towards that goal.

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